A Want of Diversity in the Legal Community in Cincinnati, Ohio: an Addendum

As a further note to this discussion, I want to mention my own status as “the Good Token,” when a student at Harvard Law School in the Class of 1986. I was always, except possibly as to one course during my Third Year, the only Person of Color in the classroom. And, the classes were of as many as 150 students in each class.  In my First Year, on my dormitory floor were three additional female Persons of Color: a fellow African American from California, a Latin American and a Native American. We spoke of many things, but not of class attendance or even those classes for which we were registered. Rather, we spoke of our place in society and how we felt having been admitted to law school at Harvard. One afternoon, two of us went to the North End of Boston and brought back a box of cannoli from a neighborhood Italian bakery. In my First Year, the traditional Harvard Law “Study Group” was not mentioned for though the law school classes as admitted and presented in the First Year Class Directory were well diverse, there was little sense that the Study Groups would be. As a person who did attend class as the only minority, I joined with a classmate admitted from Radcliff, who had been a significant writer on The Crimson, as partners in our legal methods Moot Court requirement. And, I also did an introductory Lexis computer research session in the Langdell Library with another female classmate. In an era of great developments in American History, perhaps Barack, Eric, Hillary, Loretta, Michelle and William, as now on campus,  might form a Study Group, if they have not already done so. Are they still limited to four participants?

Lori Gayle Nuckolls

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