Post-Election, The “Rule of Law” in America

Perhaps we should begin a discussion about our reliance in America upon words, as both citizens and residents. Our governing legal documents are written, and we rely upon the exactness of their words. They are: (1) the Declaration of Independence; (2) the Constitution of the United States; (3) the United States Code, and the implementing Code of Federal Regulations; (4) the Constitution of each of the 50 States, and their supporting statutes and regulations; and (5) the laws passed by the local governments within each of our States.

Our written documents are to be read and understood by all. We should respond in writing to both the words and thoughts of our governments, as well as private commercial entities and individuals, when they act or speak in a manner that conflicts with, or contradicts, the laws and rules which we are all obligated to respect and abide. The supremacy of our laws secures our individual rights as citizens of the world. Our national, Federal government is omnipotent and supreme. Our central government is the government!

A Proposal of Tenets and Theses:

(1) We must not engage in individual, anarchical acts of direct democracy.

(2) We must rely upon and demand the freedom of our press and media.

(3) We must ensure that our Courts remain hierarchically reviewable both in law and in practice.

(4) We must secure our individual personhood, liberty and freedoms, and not permit informal and or administrative arrests or detainments, and also demand just and fair juries.

Life in America requires education and hard work, by each of us. To be free, we must each know what freedom requires and how to ask for it. We must seek law and freedom from those who most immediately govern us, from our local officials to the zenith of our national. The theory of a Federal government, especially in our newfound era of GOP conservatism and “small government,” is that we rely upon the “trickle down” of rules, laws and financial privation, from capitalism, commerce and government. This may not be all to which we look.  It is our personal and individual responsibility to ensure the Humane Rule of Law.

Lori Gayle Nuckolls

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